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Modern, interdisciplinary early intervention center in Leipzig

We have been welcoming patients to the Erlomed occupational therapy and speech therapy practices in Leipzig for many years.

Our goal

Our goal is to support children with developmental difficulties or disabilities from birth to school entry. In our practice, children are given the opportunity to develop their individual strengths and participate in life.

Who is our offer addressed to?

  • Children with developmental delay
  • Children with developmental risk (e.g., congenital disabilities)
  • Children whose development is at risk due to social disadvantage
  • Children with speech disorders

Our focus

The focus of our work is on counseling, treatment and accompaniment of children and their parents.


We focus on the development of the child's abilities. In doing so, we take into account the child's individual needs and the respective family's needs and circumstances.


The earlier support begins, the better the chances of having a favorable influence on the child's development.


Modern, friendly and brightly equipped therapy rooms are available for your treatment.

Further services

Curative education in the following areas

Our speciality lies in bilingualism and language remedial education.

Within the framework of supporting the children entrusted to us, we work in the following areas

  • Diagnostics and development of an individual support and treatment plan
  • Survey of the language development status

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or in person.

The approach

If you would like to take advantage of early intervention for your child, we require a referral from your pediatrician. We will then carry out an initial diagnosis and develop a support and treatment plan for your child. You submit this plan to the responsible social welfare office, which will cover the costs of early intervention if necessary.