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Child-oriented pedagogical support in Leipzig

What is the need for early childhood education

The task of early educational support is to promote the development of the child’s overall personality. It also counteracts the lack of socialization, endangered or delayed development. The aim here is to support and complement the use of therapeutic aids. It is also important to promote the child’s integration into the social environment and the community.

Kindorientierte pädagogische Förderung

Measures of the pedagogical early support

The measures of the pedagogical early intervention do not primarily include therapy, but help to participate in life in the community. Pedagogical early intervention provides assistance in learning the use of the senses and in the development of physical mobility.

Among other things, the child is supported in emotional and cognitive development, in establishing communication, in acquiring practical life skills, and in developing social behavior. Pedagogical early intervention therefore includes socio-educational, curative, psychological and therapeutic elements as part of a holistic concept.

Disorder of social behavior

Early action of great importance

For successful treatment of social behavior disorders, early intervention is of great importance. For this purpose, the specialists at IFF Erlomed conduct behavioral therapy. There the childlen learn to control their impulsive behavior. We also offer parent training as well as training in everyday practical and social skills.

mangelnde Fähigkeit zum sozialen Miteinander

Lack of ability to socialize

In the area of social behavior, the impairment centers on the lack of ability to socialize. The behavior is characterized by neuroses, psychoses, personality disorders and lack of mechanisms of self-regulation. The children may develop anxiety, manic or depressive traits and compulsions or lack of empathy. They are prone to self-injury or injury to others, as well as excessive loudness. ADHD, autism, childhood depression but also simple behavioral problems dominate social life and require occupational therapy treatment.

Individual pedagogical support

Early remedial education

The basis of remedial early intervention is based on the information and results obtained in the diagnostic initial phase. Through playing and experiential stimuli, the child is given the opportunity to expand and consolidate his or her competencies. The child’s own initiative and self-confidence are strengthened and integration in his or her respective living environment is positively supported.

Social pedagogical support

Social pedagogical support focuses on the holistic development of the child. It includes the areas of language, perception, gross and fine motor skills. The focus of the pedagogical support lies in the areas of “perception/cognition” and “socioemotional area”. In our early intervention center, we offer PEKiP as a special early intervention program.

What is PEKiP?

das Prager Eltern-Kind-Programm

PEKiP (the Prague Parent-Child Program)

is a pedagogical offer of early development support for the first year of life of children. Defining characteristics of this group concept are:

  • a) Early movement stimulation (group work begins with infants as young as 4 to 8 weeks).
  • b) Targeted age and development specific play (includes over 300 play suggestions and is offered according to the child's needs).
  • c) complex communication structure (especially development of contact skills and first social interaction experiences)
  • d) Educational principles (pay attention to the most important psychosocial needs of very young children and special developmental laws of the first year of life).

This avoids two possible undesirable developments

In this way, it represents a practical form of actual early education. Two possible undesirable developments are avoided. On the one hand, overtaxing efforts of well-meaning parents disappear without perception and attention to children’s rhythms. On the other hand, too much concentration on a single area without the indispensable inclusion of other areas is removed.

Important contribution to the development and strengthening of parental skills

As a special offer of early intervention, the Prague Parent-Child Program can make an important contribution to the development and strengthening of parental skills. It contributes to the development and promotion of a secure attachment quality. This develops within the first year of life and is active throughout life. In addition, this concept enables the first social learning experiences and promotes the cognitive, motor and emotional development of very young children.